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Estudiante de escritura de papel

Organic learning

We are lovers of languages and knowledge and we realized that most schools focus too much on grammar, even when you still do not understand the language.

We believe in functional language learning, we seek that our students learn first of all to understand and converse in the language they want to learn, since in this way the structure of the language is understood naturally as it happens when learning our first language.


UrUs was born with the purpose of facilitating the learning of Spanish and English to people in Canada and the United States, with a method based on real life experiences, personalized for each student, with certified and committed instructors, supported by a virtual platform that has the elements monitoring and audiovisual aids that contribute to measurable, faster and more efficient learning


To form a large community of Students and Instructors convinced that our Philosophy, Values, Technology and Method have been the key to achieving their motivation and therefore the deep learning of a language.


  • Passion for teaching

  • Honesty at all times

  • Respect for individuality

  • Reliability of our collaborators and of our platform

  • Cordiality from greeting to farewell

  • Punctuality, we value everyone's time.

  • Empathy with the situation of each student

  • Flexibility in schedules, pace of the class and topics to be discussed

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