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Proven Results!
Learn while having fun with our personalized and dynamic method.

FREE no strings attached!!

Learn English or Spanish  the same way native speakers do!
100% online

One-on-one classes tailored to each student.
According to your level and needs.

We detect your needs, tastes, hobbies, profession and how you will use the language to design your classes and make each one count

Zero grammar, you will learn the same way you learned your native language, with practical examples and real life exercises

We work so that each class is entertaining, fun and interesting. This way you will learn faster and you will not want to leave your classes.


It worked for them

When I started my classes, my level of English was very low, and  little fluent, but I had a great advance in less than a year, and now my English is super fluent and advanced.

What I liked the most is the dynamics that they have to teach the classes, I never got bored or stressed as it has happened to me in most of my other subjects, instead it feels they are over  super quickly.

Despite the high level of English that I have reached thanks to these classes, I continue to take them, and it is one of the best decisions I have made.

Alaina acevedo

Very professional, they prepare their classes with great dedication and love for their students. Very responsible.

Josefina Bueno

I have been taking private classes with Carmen for over a year now. She is an excellent teacher, I am speaking Spanish with more confidence than ever before. She has a unique methodology that makes the classes adaptable to your specific needs and learning style. It’s fast paced, fun and interactive!

Mathew Moradian

I started studying Spanish with U-R-US approximately six months ago, and I have been very impressed with my advancement thanks to the wonderful teaching style. The teachers here know that the only way to truly learn a new language is to approach it as if you were a child just starting out fresh, without trying to translate back to your native tongue.

Of course, this approach can be frustrating at first, but it pays off in the long run and it’s worth it!  Carmen is a wonderful teacher and I’m excited to continue to grow more fluent! I recommend U-R-US if you’re considering learning Spanish or English!

Warren Gray

I came to UR-Us after taking Spanish classes online and via audiobooks, but have struggled with immersion consistent with the  that have helped me a lot.  Over the last 3 months Online classes, language learning exercises and a number of fantastic media tips in Spanish.  All of this has helped me to greatly improve my understanding and pronunciation of Spanish and has allowed me to constantly feel more comfortable with the language.  If you are someone like me who struggles to stay focused on learning Spanish without the daily immersion, the UR-Us program and individual lessons are a must and I cannot recommend UR-Us highly enough for their kindness, professionalism and thoughtful approach.

Cameron Fraser

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