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Learn Spanish

How does it work?


ZERO Grammar

You will start by understanding the language, this means that first of all we will try to make you understand what you read or hear and based on this you will begin to speak by imitation according to real scenarios that you could face on a day-to-day basis.


Tailored to you

We base the program on your interests to achieve a better immersion in the content and thus a pleasant and constant learning.

We rely on material such as movies, series, books and activities within your fields of interest.


Digital Tools

To optimize learning and measure your progress, we use different digital tools such as Kahoot !, Coogle, Google Drive, Google Forms, etc.

All classes are done by scheduled videoconference.



If during your language learning your goal is to achieve a certification, we will prepare you so that you can get accredited according to the level you wish to present.

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